Observer Radio News for Monday April 13, 2015 for 2 p.m.

Live from our East York studios, Melvin Gomez and Anussa Nithy host the 2 p.m. show of Observer Radio News, with news, and current affairs, including an interview with Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star about the Leafs’ horrible season, and hear from a Grade 3 teacher from East York who  tells us why his […]

College and Spadina closure affecting businesses in its first week

The end of the winter season means the start of construction season in Toronto. The intersection at College and Spadina is into the second week of a three-week closure as the TTC works to repair the streetcar tracks. Local businesses are already seeing a decline in traffic as the busy downtown intersection is scheduled to be closed until […]

TTC CEO impresses commuters: PR expert

North of College, track-level. Leak is oil-like, unsafe to operate. Planning to grout tunnel joints. Update to follow — Brad Ross (@bradTTC) March 24, 2015 TTC CEO Andy Byford is living up to his job description, by handling Tuesday’s environmental spill with poise. That’s the message from Donna Lindell, the program coordinator of Corporate Communications […]