Toronto City Hall gallery welcomes the new mayor

When Rob Ford walked into the council chambers at Toronto City Hall, Antionette Wassilyn fluttered her arms around her heart; she seemed star struck by the new mayor. “Oh my gosh. He’s the best Christmas present Toronto could get,” she said. “I’m just so excited to be here.”

Bike-sharing plan on Toronto streets next year

A Toronto cycling advocate supports the arrival of a new bike-sharing enterprize in the city. Bixi offers cyclists, who buy monthly or annual passes, a service to share bikes on a user need basis. Already popular in Montreal, London and Paris, Bixi will be inaugurated in Toronto in May next year. Over 1,000 bikes will […]

Marginalized women find the ‘write’ stuff

Pens and pencils fly across the pages as the students concentrate on their work. The room is quiet until the teacher announces, “OK, let’s share.” It sounds like a typical classroom, but it is not. On this Tuesday morning, Lauren Kirshner leads 10 women through creative writing classes at the Sistering drop-in centre in the west-end neighbourhood of Parkdale.