Toronto book fair draws big guest in Margaret Atwood

The first ever INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair convened at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from November 13-16. The event was part shopping experience and part cultural festival, where book lovers everywhere were able to watch and listen to their favourite authors talk about their new work. The festival consisted of over 400 international and […]

Jen Sagar and her family

For candidates, balancing campaign and home life a family affair

The ringing of the telephone pierces the background sound at Jen Sagar’s home. Another request for an interview has come in and there’s a debate tonight. The kids leave for school and now her attention turns to a meeting she has to run to. It’s not even 9 a.m. And yet somehow everything seems under control.

GTA beekeepers nurse their hives through tough winter

Tom Nolan worries that some of the city’s residents are barely enduring a brutal winter. They’re huddling close together, to save heat and to await the start of spring. “They go into a hibernation-like state and they form a cluster around the queen and they use their body heat to maintain a certain temperature inside the hive,” Nolan said. He’s the founder of the Urban Toronto Beekeepers’ Association and beekeeper himself.

Library security guards expensive, unnecessary, mayor says

The 2010 shooting death of a father by his son using a crossbow at Main Street library was raised Thursday during the Toronto budget debate at City Hall. Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon referenced the murder of Si Cheng in response to an unsuccessful money-saving proposal by Mayor Rob Ford to cut security guards at libraries.

Mother saves her miracle baby from holocaust

Renate Krakauer’s parents, William and Charlotte, lost many of their relatives and friends that day. “They came knocking on doors and dragged all the Jews out and they took them to the Jewish cemetery, where they had dug these deep pits,” Krakauer said. “And they had people lined up, [naked]. They would line up at the edge of the pit in rows. First row, bang, bang, bang, bang, into the pit. Second row, bang, bang, bang.”