Detroit Tigers Spring Training Stadium

Phillies fans flock to Florida for pre-season fun in the sun

 A family affair For many, the annual pre-season is a chance to see their favourite team in action for the first time since the off-season. For others, it’s a chance to spend quality time with their families and transcend the sport of baseball to their kin. The Brault family, who travelled all the way […]

Ford government urged to help sexual violence survivors in Ontario

Bill 148 states victims of domestic or sexual violence can receive job-protected leave. By law, a person is entitled to 10 days or 15 weeks in a calendar year time off when an employee or an employee’s children have experienced domestic or sexual violence. The first five days in a calendar year are paid and […]

The OHL to U of T: Aidan Wallace and the growing trend of university-bound CHLers

It wasn’t looking good for Aidan Wallace’s University of Toronto Blues men’s hockey team last Saturday night. They had just lost to McGill the night before, and now they were down 4-1 to Concordia with four minutes left in the third period. The smattering of U of T fans inside Varsity Arena had started to […]

How Syrian refugees are adjusting to their new lives in Toronto

As Syria continues to crumble, Syrian refugees in Canada have been quietly settling into their new lives. And although the initial wave of Syrians being processed through Canada’s airports is over, many more are scheduled to arrive in 2018. The Toronto Observer checked in with some of the recent Syrian newcomers to see how they are adjusting to their new lives — and also spoke with some refugees who are still waiting to come to Canada.

The surprising impacts of Ontarios’ minimum-wage increase

Business owners, employees and customers have all been impacted by the minimum wage hike to varying degrees; some much more drastically than others. The Toronto Observer spoke with both employees and employers as they reflect on their experiences.

Cannabis conundrum: edibles and all

The recent announcement of Ontario’s first four pot shop locations is a step forward in Canada making cannabis legal for recreational use — but you won’t find THC-infused gummies, lollipops, chocolate bars or brownies in government-run dispensaries for at least another year.

Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium

Generations of Detroit Tigers’ fans come together for Spring Training

TAMPA, Fla— Generations of fans came together on Tuesday to watch their Detroit Tigers take on the New York Yankees at Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland Florida.