54 Division

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Constable and canine partner recognized for rescue

It was a cold night, last September. Toronto Police Dog Services Constable John Massey was driving back to his 54 Division station in East York.

A call came over the radio about a “suspicious package” found on the Leaside Bridge, not far from his station.

“That obviously triggers some alarms,” Massey said.

The “suspicious package” was a backpack. Inside, was a suicide note.

“I just volunteered for the call,” he said.

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New East York speed-limit signage still months away

New signs for reduced speed limits will not be posted on residential streets in East York until early next year, according to Toronto and East York Transportation Services. The vote to reduce speed limits was approved unanimously by the…

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Toronto police warn East Yorkers of new phone scam

“Hi Grandpa.” “Billy is that you?” “Yeah, listen I need help but don’t tell mom and dad.” That’s the typical script of the grandparent scam. Grandparents, believing their beloved grandchild is in trouble, then transfer money to scammers electronically. Last Wednesday, Toronto Police Services warned East York residents about this new twist to the scam.

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Scott Mission assures public new family centre is ‘safe’

The director of the Scott Mission location in east-end Toronto has reassured area residents that its family centre will not attract the homeless. On Thursday, the Scott Mission foundation held a community-awareness meeting in its new family centre, the Scott Mission O’Connor Family Centre, located at 1550 O’Connor Dr. The facility will provide food, clothing and child care to people who can not afford basic needs.