Agincourt Community Services Association

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Consuming fresh foods a race against time for food banks

Eating right often comes down to economics, says the Daily Bread Food Bank’s Sarah Anderson. “Hunger is not about food, it’s about poverty,” she said. “Our focus is mainly on non-perishables (but) it’s most important that perishable foods are consumed as soon as possible,” said Anderson.

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Group addresses city’s hunger woes

Martha Kivanda says most of the food provided at food banks are unhealthy because they’re either expired or close to the expiry date. A single mother and student, Kivanda says she’s become discouraged in using food services.

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Centre helps newcomers settle and integrate

After working 14 years as an accountant in India, Prajesh Bhavsar now works at a gas station in Toronto. It’s not his preferred job but Bhavsar, who’s lived in Canada for half a year, remains optimistic about his future.