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Players see this brand of hockey purely for the joy of it

Whistles and shouts echo around the cavernous Agincourt Recreation Centre. Florescent lights glare off the ice surface. It even smells like a hockey arena – coffee and hockey equipment. But the game played is different. Eddie Parenteau manages the team on the ice. “You’re not allowed to put (the puck) in the top of the net because you can’t catch what you don’t see,” he said.

Film club fumble

An empty film club tries to attain an audience at a Scarborough library. The National Film board of Canada (NFB) has partnered with public libraries, including some in Scarborough, to promote Canadian films.

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Agincourt’s principal of the year, just don’t tell his students

Louie Papathanasakis, 53, has been the principal at Agincourt Collegiate Institute for five years, and oversees 1,500 students and close to 100 teaching staff.
Papathanasakis was recently named one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals for 2012, but ask him about the award and he would rather talk about the students.