Andrea Bargnani

NBA 2012-13 Season Preview

With the baseball season recently concluded, and hockey locked out, sports fans may increasingly be turning to basketball this season. The current crop of fans could be joined by a brand new audience that would…

DeRozan drives the Raptors past Real Madrid

Real Madrid played their starters last night and lost to a Canadian team, except they weren’t playing soccer but instead basketball.

Toronto Raptors beat the visiting Spanish club 102-95 in the opening action of the NBA team’s exhibition season.

Raptors roll call 2012

With 16 players and 15 spots, somebody will be the odd man out as the Toronto Raptors gather for camp in Halifax.

At the same time, those looking for heavy minutes will be battling to earn starting positions on what looks to be an improved roster for the 2012-13 season.

Reloaded Raptors heading to Halifax for camp

With an incoming coach and new philosophy on defence, the Toronto Raptors transitioned last season from the least efficient defence in the National Basketball Association to 12th best, without making any significant roster moves and despite the circumstances.

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Bargnani hooks up with Ashley Madison

With his hands tied thanks to the prolonged NBA lockout, Toronto Raptors centre Andrea Bargnani might be taking his talents to Italy with help from an infidelity dating website. Professional sports have changed dramatically over…

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NBA lockout already affecting Raptors

Approximately 40 NBA players met with union leaders in Las Vegas Thursday to discuss negotiations with team owners concerning the current lockout. With owners assembling in Dallas at the same time, both sides reported a…