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The tale of two unlikely friends

When Leslie Noel’s parents passed away, he prayed for a companion. He didn’t know his prayers would be answered in the form of a furry orange tabby cat. “I prayed to God that I didn’t…

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Fur not so fashionable, PETA says

It is fashion week in Toronto and a lot of fashionistas may be sporting a garment that has adorned people for centuries. Fur is often worn as luxury item to exude wealth and style. But not everybody views it that way. People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) held an anti-fur protest at David Pecault Square in Toronto on Oct. 23.

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Toronto restaurateurs defend controversial meat dish

La Palette offers a dish that is both unique and controversial. People either love it or hate it. Last year, the restaurant had about 20 protesters outside the establishment protesting the controversial dish. The protesters held signs and spoke into megaphones to make their voices heard. Brook Kavanagh, a chef at La Palette, went out to meet the protesters.