Amy Moledzky and John Rutledge with daughter Ava

Family learns to cope with post-natal depression

John Rutledge felt overwhelmed. He had experienced the sleepless nights, changing diapers, finding that one bit of furniture not yet “child-proof.” After his daughter Ava was born, Rutledge became even more stressed and anxious, to a point where he knew something wasn’t right.

“We were in the doctor’s office and it felt like I was in free fall,” Rutledge said.

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PC leader attacks Ontario government policy on children with autism

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative leader says the government has deceived the parents seeking medical treatment for their children dealing with autism.

During Question Period, on Thursday, PC leader Patrick Brown referred to an article published by The Toronto Star. In it, Brown said, the Star pointed that last spring Ontario’s Liberal government cut the funding for children (aged five and up) who were promised treatment for their autism.

For parents, high cost of autism therapy can mean stress, sacrifice

Sometimes it’s a cut to the grocery budget, or maybe skipping on buying something needed for the house. For parents like Jennie De Medicis, making sacrifices like these to pay for their child’s therapy is their reality. De Medicis’ six-year-old son Joseph has been diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder. One-on-one intensive behaviour therapy has helped Joseph to recognize numbers, identify colours and hum songs, De Medicis said, but it’s not cheap.