Black History Month

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Black History Month ‘should celebrate the present’

It may be time to update the focus of Black History Month, says Kyla Williams. Black History Month, celebrated each February, has traditionally had a strong emphasis on remembering and honouring the stories and people who struggled through slavery, segregation and the fight for civil rights.

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Black activist inspired historian

“I think it’s a great exhibit,” science centre staff-member Michael Barrington said. “It’s history going back to the 19th century and seeing black folks who were prominent here in Canada. That’s something I’ve just learned and it’s great.”

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Africentric students celebrate diversity and unity

Naomi Sterling’s singing voice brought the audience to its feet. Everybody clapped and swayed together to the music. The message in her song was simple: “You can be Chinese, white, black, whatever,” Naomi said. “You…