Commuter at train station

Trauma by the tracks

TTC commuters are accustomed to delays on the subway, which are sometimes caused by suicides on the tracks. Though for most commuters the announcement might result in being late for work or school, some have the misfortune of witnessing a suicide. This can translate into either shock or trauma. People suffering in the aftermath of witnessing suicides have found refuge in online forums, with many coalescing on Reddit. The social media forum features posts from witnesses to TTC suicides.

TTC bus

No snow tires on TTC buses: Riders at risk?

Imagine being on your way somewhere and the TTC bus you’re in is not moving, because it can’t get up the hill in the snow. That is exactly what happened to many passengers on Monday February 2, when at least one bus on York Mills Road east of Yonge Street was struggling to get up the hill, due to the 22 centimetres of snow that walloped Southern Ontario overnight Sunday and into the morning commute. The TTC buses do not use snow tires.

North Toronto TTC riders get advice for coping with service cuts

Geremi Sachs, 24, relies on the 103 Mt. Pleasant bus to take him to and from his job as a late-night barista at Starbucks in North York. Due to the recent route changes planned by the TTC, Sachs will soon have to find another way to get home after 10 p.m. “I guess I should […]

TTC riders frustrated by first meeting on planned service cuts

Some of the TTC riders attending an information meeting tonight at Metro Hall voiced their anger about the proposed transit budget cuts. The meeting, the first of four this week, attracted more than 100 people. It attempted an open-house style gathering that featured visuals, information and TTC planners moving around the room. There were no […]