Canadian Forces

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Afghanistan vet goes to brink on battlefield and at home

On March 4, 2009, Canadian soldier David Macdonald pulled ahead of his convoy on its way into Kandahar to ensure that a bridge ahead was safe. Fourteen days later he came out of a coma in a German hospital bed.

“I woke up … (and ) they told me about my injuries. I asked them where my platoon was and they said they were still back in Afghanistan,” MacDonald said. “That was far worse than hearing about any injuries I had.”

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Canadian vet experiences loss in Afghanistan war

Lance Corporal Jordan Bachle recalled the quiet of a September morning in Afghanistan suddenly broken. “I remember seeing the mushroom cloud of thick, black smoke,” he said. “It was a big pressure plate; I’d say it must have gone 500 to1,000 metres in the air.”

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A million little connections

Every day, we make tiny connections with many people we may see for only a brief moment. Maybe they were not seen at all. It is startling to think that Col. Russell Williams was just another face in the crowd. It is scarier to think that his face was lost in the very same crowd as Paul Bernardo.