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Arif Virani

Downtown Liberal victor sees immigration and health as priority

The winner in the Parkdale-High Park riding, in Monday night’s federal vote, has put health care at the top of his to-do list as the new MP. On Monday, Parkdale-High Park constituents elected Liberal candidate Arif Virani over NDP incumbent, Peggy Nash. Virani attracted just over 42 per cent of votes, according to the CBC’s Canada Votes website, while Nash garnered just over 40 per cent of ballots.

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Conservative candidate bows to Liberal victory in GTA

In his loss to the incumbent in Scarborough-Guildwood, Monday night, the Conservative challenger acknowledged what had been a national trend. Conservative Chuck Konkel won nearly 27 per cent of votes in the federal election, according to the CBC’s Canada Votes website, but could not overcome Liberal John McKay’s commanding 60 per cent of the balloting.