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Should it be called ‘Lunar New Year’ or ‘Chinese New Year’?

Chinese supermarkets and shops in Toronto are all decked for Chinese New Year, one of the most historical and iconic festivals with traditional decorations and various congratulations, in the midst of the Omicron variant and the anticipated reopening plan. Among the numerous salutations, the one that stands out is, undoubtedly, “Happy Chinese New Year.”

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Toronto woman recalls when war came into her life

Jia Zhen Liao remembers the day she lost her family. “I was a young girl then and didn’t know what was happening,” she said. In the early 1940s, young village children in the Canton province of China spent their days playing, tending the crops or performing various chores.

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U of T research contributes to instant verbal translation

When Microsoft’s chief research officer took to the stage in Tianjin, China, last month, his language skills made an auditorium of hundreds of native Mandarin speakers applaud wildly. But he only spoke English at the conference. As he explained new developments in instantaneous translation and interpretation, Rick Rashid’s English spoken words were simultaneously translated robotically to Mandarin. The stunned crowd applauded the new computer system that can recognize human speech patterns, thanks to a U of T research team.