Christmas shopping

5 gifts to think twice about before buying

As you look around the mall in search of the perfect gifts for your loved ones, you may want to think twice about what you buy. The Observer suggests staying away from the gifts on this list to avoid having your present end up in the return pile.

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New fashion shop has designs on success despite stiff competition

Emily Ma is taking a big risk. The fashion designer recently opened Em.Me.Ma, her first retail store at the Shops on Yonge. With Christmas just around the corner, big department stores, shopping malls and online retailers draw consumers in with sales and expensive advertisements, which can be hard for a small shop like hers to compete with, she said.

Avoiding the pre-Christmas shopping mayhem

Scarborough Town Centre (STC) is already decking the halls with Christmas decorations. With the early prep, what steps are Scarborough residents taking to ensure that they don’t get caught in the chaos of the Christmas season that can sometimes be more feisty than joyous?