Doug Holyday

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Early council reaction to Mayor Rob Ford’s casino letter

Rob Ford has officially reinforced his support of the proposed Toronto casino.

Mayor Ford released a letter Monday morning around the same time as the City Manager, Joe Pennachetti, released his report on a plan to allow the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to bring a casino to the city.

Ford has always been a tentative supporter of the plan, but in his public letter he re-affirms this, approving the idea.

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Toronto becomes ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal immigrants

Toronto city council passed a motion Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013 to extend essential city services to undocumented immigrants.

In a landslide vote, 37-3, council decided to allow immigrants whose visas have expired, or whose refugee status is denied, to access many city services.

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Toronto City council passes 2013 operating budget

Christian Boyer interviews Doug Holyday at Toronto City Council Jan. 16, 2013. Listen here: Day two of Toronto City Council’s budget meeting began Wednesday with over 160 Toronto firefighters showing up to protest cuts to…

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City puts off decision on designating EMS essential

Paramedics helped save the life of Giorgio Mammoliti’s daughter even before she was born, proving how essential Toronto Emergency Medical Services is, the Ward 7 councillor says. “My daughter would never have been born if it weren’t for the preliminary assessment when [EMS staff] got to my house two months earlier,” Mammoliti said Tuesday at city hall.

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Mayor’s appointees in step with Ford platform

Rob Ford’s choice for TTC chair has the new mayor’s campaign slogan top-of-mind. Rob Ford takes over the Toronto mayor’s office on Dec. 1. Yesterday, he announced his choices for chairs of standing committees from…

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Councillor spending needs monitoring

Would you spend over $1,000 on a high backed leather office chair? Perhaps, if — like Ward 44 councillor Ron Moeser, who bought that chair earlier this year — you had $53,100 from the public purse at your disposal and very few measures to control how it’s spent.