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Tweet tweet: a little birdie told me

Where do you get your news from? It’s a simple question with a simple answer. Perhaps you read a daily newspaper. Maybe you watch the evening news every night at six. You might even listen to an all-news radio station on the way to work.

Now here’s the follow-up question: in five years, where will you be getting your news from? Will you still be reading that daily newspaper? You might be…for the crossword.

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Haitian-Canadian awaits immigration decision

The term “fast track” brings little comfort to Pierre Henry. A Haitian-Canadian he has waited almost two years now for the acceptance of his permanent resident’s application, in order to sponsor his mother from Haiti.

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Haiti’s challenge just beginning

“I hope this response is not just an emotional one but that it’s genuinely long-term,” Rémy said. “I’m making a request to the whole world to keep going… to help Haiti fully emerge from this impasse.”

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Haiti donation doubling ends today, Feb. 12

The Canadian government has pledged to match all donations to these charities for Haiti earthquake relief efforts until today, Feb. 12. Consider making a donation to beat the deadline and double its amount.