Elizabeth Novak

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Todmorden PA day celebrates animals of Chinese New Year

It’s a good thing Andrew McArten’s favourite animal is the dog. It came in handy recently when he needed to create an image associated with the Chinese New Year.

With some help from his mom, Andrew, created the image of a dog, in honour of the Year of the Dog, during a lunar craft day at Todmorden Mills Heritage Site.

Colleen McArten, a music teacher at an East York elementary school, decided to put other things aside that day so that she could bring her son Andrew and his sibling to the TDSB PA day at the Heritage Site.

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Issues lurk beneath pastoral landscape

Elizabeth Novak said she worries about the effect the past winter is going to have on the Todmorden Mills preserve. There are 94 documented bird species frequenting the area, and with the unusual winter, their migratory pattern has been affected.