Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works

Keeping the planet green, one item at a time

“What we want to do is show people that there’s an alternative to just throwing things into the trash, that we can treat all of these items as a resource, give them a new home, and let other people love them and use them.”

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Park enthusiast wonders how public will get to new Don Valley super park

A regular visitor to Evergreen Brick Works says she wants the city to consult the public about improving transit to the city’s proposed new super park site.

At a press conference, Tuesday, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced that the city will begin work on creating the Don River Valley Park. This new park will become the second largest in the city and incorporate the Evergreen Brick Works site.

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Park regulars excited at prospect of Don River Valley super park

A local cyclist and avid Toronto-park user believes the proposed Don Valley super park is just what the city needs.

Mayor John Tory announced details Tuesday, during a press conference at the Evergreen Brick Works, regarding the Don River Valley Park. The project, also referred to as a “super park,” will span from the Brick Works south to Lake Ontario and will cover 480 acres.

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Mayor says co-operation the key to new Don River Valley super park

Toronto’s mayor says a planned Don Valley River super park will depend on a lot of civic co-operation.

At a Tuesday press conference at the Evergreen Brick Works, Mayor John Tory said that plans for the park will allow more accessible features to the green space extending from the Don River Valley to Lake Ontario. Donors and volunteers, such as Tim Price, chair of the Ontario Arts Foundation, and Kenneth Tanenbaum, vice-chair of the Kilmer Group, have pledged funding to the project. Mayor Tory addressed the issue of co-operation in the plan.

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New Don Valley park supporters emphasize importance of private donors

The chair of the planned Don River Valley super park says that private donors have an obligation to support the project.

Andy Chisholm, a board member for Evergreen Brick Works and chair of the Don River Valley Park initiative, spoke at a press conference at the Brick Works on Tuesday. He acknowledged the private donors and described the significance of private investment in this project.