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Is online privacy an oxymoron?

To the companies with access to your digital footprint, you are not the neighbour down the street who walks his dog every other day. You are a consumer ready to be marketed to with targeted advertisements.

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Leafs’ former GM Burke returns to Anaheim

Former Leafs general manager Brian Burke is returning to the Ducks.

Burke, who was fired in January 2013, was kept on in an advisory role to the Toronto club, but will now return to the Anaheim Ducks as a part-time scout.

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Lecturers tread carefully amid sensitive subjects

Prof. Cameron Johnston’s class of nearly 500 social sciences students assembled in the York University lecture hall. He delivered his introductory lecture titled Self, Culture and Society. The day started out like most others, but it soon took an unexpected turn. Sarah Grunfeld, as reported by Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, heard the professor say the words,“All Jews should be sterilized,” Johnston said.

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Organizer says support for Egyptian rallies in Yonge-Dundas grew on Facebook

Lemme Ibrahim looks toward a crowd of hundreds gathered at Yonge-Dundas Square Saturday afternoon in celebration of Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. She says she has trouble believing it was only two weeks ago when she sat at a coffee shop with a friend and discussed putting together a rally in support of freedom and democracy in Egypt.