The Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition located on Front St. outside of Union Station.

A Journey Through the History of Louis Vuitton

It’s big, it’s stackable, and it can hold all of your personal belongings. One man set out to create trunks that were easy to stack, but he didn’t stop there. Louis Vuitton is now one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, and a taste of its history was revealed to Toronto. 

Saks Fifth Avenue Canada Toronto Eaton Centre -

Toronto is Becoming a Market for Luxury Products

Approximately 25 high-end fashion brands have opened stores in Toronto in the past six months. This includes European brands like Reiss and Links of London. Saks is not the only high-end retailer that has opened in Toronto. Nordstorm opened two locations in 2016. A third location will open in Sherway Gardens in September 2017.

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New fashion shop has designs on success despite stiff competition

Emily Ma is taking a big risk. The fashion designer recently opened Em.Me.Ma, her first retail store at the Shops on Yonge. With Christmas just around the corner, big department stores, shopping malls and online retailers draw consumers in with sales and expensive advertisements, which can be hard for a small shop like hers to compete with, she said.

Parisian artisans keeping fashion old school

The waft of leather filled the air as Parisian artisans handcrafted coveted pieces before the eyes of countless salivating women and men. Fred Metrick, co-owner of home furnishing store Elte, and his wife Cécile Metrick, attended the Festival des Métiers hosted by Hermès at the Design Exchange on Oct. 4.