Frances Nunziata

Toronto Lottery

Toronto lottery raised again

Councillor Frances Nunziata wants to revisit her idea of a Toronto Lottery, which would generate revenue for day care, housing and transit.

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City plan to investigate west-end basement flooding

One night in the summer of 2005, Darrell Bricker heard a strange sound coming from his basement. When he investigated, he discovered what he called as a “geyser” of water coming up from the floor. “I tried to stop it but I obviously couldn’t,” he said. “I went and bought a wet-dry shop vac. I spent the better part of the night vacuuming this water and dumping out the bucket.”

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Ward 11 dogs bound by red tape in off-leash park search

When Marilia Janicas wants to let Brooklyn, Cosmo and Sophie run and play leash-free, she and her three dogs make the trek down to High Park, she says. Janicas has lived in Ward 11 for almost 10 years and has spent many of those years trying to bring an off-leash dog park to her York South-Weston neighbourhood.

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Mayor’s appointees in step with Ford platform

Rob Ford’s choice for TTC chair has the new mayor’s campaign slogan top-of-mind. Rob Ford takes over the Toronto mayor’s office on Dec. 1. Yesterday, he announced his choices for chairs of standing committees from…