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The Spirit of Terry Fox Shines on in Mississauga- Meadowvale

One of the teams participating this year in the Mississauga Meadowvale Run was Aashna’s Angels. In 2007, Jatin Dhingra’s younger sister Aashna was diagnosed with the same osteosarcoma cancer that Terry Fox had. Aashna died at the age of seven, in 2009.

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Terry Fox Holds New Relevance in Indigenous Communities

An Indigenous activist participated in her first-ever Terry Fox run Sunday in Kagawong, a town on Manitoulin Island, in central Ontario.

Caeley Genereux, 20, was running for Indigenous community members that have lost their lives due to cancer.
“I will be thinking about my family members who have passed away to cancer. And I will also be thinking about my community. I’ll be running for them, as well,” she said in an interview before the run day.