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Rob Ford vs. John Tory: One year later

With the one-year anniversary of John Tory being elected Toronto’s mayor upon us, inevitably, comparisons between him and former leader Rob Ford are being made.
Tory built his campaign on city unification, upgrading transit and housing and ending the “circus” at city hall, while Ford wanted to improve the TTC and bring more transparency to city council.
With such differing agendas, how do the two compare?

Garbage soon to be cleared from Scarborough parks

Walking through Morningside Park you’ll see beautiful streams, people throwing tennis balls for their dogs, and a slew of trash littering all sides of the parking lot. But not for too much longer. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced the 3rd annual Clean Toronto Together Campaign, where schools and workplaces will participate in a clean up […]

Track-level-trash ads working, TTC says; fewer smoke delays reported

Plastic pop bottles, juice boxes, cigarette butts — these are just a few examples of the kinds of trash that end up on the Toronto Transit Commission’s subway tracks. But, the TTC says, the litter problem is getting better and that means fewer holdups for commuters. Last year, the TTC reported 260 train delays because […]