George Brown College

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The inequality of the U-Pass

The TTC is claiming to help students cut costs by reducing the price of the monthly metro pass with its proposed U-Pass. But the price-break is coming at the expense of some.  

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Chocolatier uses old technique for new creations

At the back of his shop in downtown Toronto, Daniel Stubbe uses a piping bag filled with tempered chocolate. With expert precision, he traces the outline of a template design in milk chocolate. Then he fills in the rest of the cake surface with either white or dark chocolate.

“The ornaments are two dimensional,” he said. “But you can also do piped, three-dimensional centrepieces where you pipe half of an image, and then stick it together and build a three dimensional piece.”

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Reporting the news that’s good

Adam Clare was looking for some good news and having trouble getting it. So he did something about it. Clare, 29, teaches at George Brown College in Toronto, Five years ago, he found himself frustrated…