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New tenant bylaws may improve living in East York buildings

Effective July 1, 2017, landlords in Toronto are expected to register with the city for the units they rent out, and pay a $10.60 annual fee for each unit. Landlords are also subject to do cleaning, maintenance and implementing security protocols, and must regularly conduct pest inspections. The bylaws will affect over 3,500 buildings across the city.

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Sheppard Avenue transit options argued at all-day council

The chair of a panel exploring options for improved transit service along Sheppard Avenue East has refuted the mayor’s argument in favour of subways. Councillors are due to choose between the subway option or the light rail transit (LRT) option, later today.

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The giant pandas are making their return to the Toronto Zoo

After a 12 year absence, the Chinese giant pandas are finally returning to the Toronto Zoo. On Feb. 11, it was officially announced that the pandas will be coming to Toronto. They will be on Canadian soil for a total of 10 years, spending five in Toronto and another five in Calgary.

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‘Some adjustments’ made by mayor’s opponents in transit battle

TTC chair Karen Stintz extended an olive branch to Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto’s transit battle at city hall earlier today. Ahead of today’s special meeting, Stintz and 23 other councillors had lined up to counter the mayor’s underground transit plans in favour of building more light rail above ground with the money already set aside.