Glenn De Baeremaeker

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Ombudsman meeting fails to draw Scarborough residents

As the ombudsman of Toronto, Fiona Crean was looking forward to having a meeting in Scarborough where residents could voice their concerns. Instead only two residents, along with Councillors Michael Thompson, Paul Ainslie, Chin Lee and Glenn De Baeremaeker showed up at Scarborough Civic Centre for the Sept. 29 meeting.

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City mulls ban of shark fin soup

Some consider it a delicacy, it can cost up to $200 a serving and, if some city councillors have their way, it may soon be banished from Toronto’s restaurants. The move to ban shark fin soup in the city is now in the hands of the municipal licensing and standards committee after a council meeting last week that pushed the issue ahead.

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Plan to direct bridge-building funds to playground nixed

A request to redirect funds intended for a Scarborough pedestrian bridge to playground equipment instead was turned down at an April 5 city budget meeting. The proposal was made by Coun. Glenn De Baeremaeker when it was revealed the 2003 plans to build the 25-metre bridge had gone nowhere.