Scarborough residents cite racist experiences at anti-racism forum

A GTA resident says police and social workers have discriminated against her and she wants to see more unity between Black Lives Matter Toronto and the anti-racism directorate.

Cora Reid, a reggae artist from Bowmanville, Ont., spoke Wednesday evening at the provincial government’s anti-racism directorate forum in Scarborough. This was the fourth such meeting facilitated by MPP Michael Coteau, Ontario minister responsible for anti-racism.

Legion offers assistance to families, veterans coping with PTSD

Jason Mullis waited patiently for the funeral to end. People paid their respects at a coffin draped with the Canadian flag and with flowers all around the gravesite.

“I knew something was different,” he said, “so I stood there for … hours waiting for everyone to leave.”

That’s when he finally spoke to Denise, the mother of the deceased veteran being buried. Mullis simply wanted to offer his assistance to her. He recognized the difficulties she might have faced as the mother of a former soldier who died by suicide.

Defeated NDP candidate blames the electorate fear factor

The NDP candidate, defeated by the Liberal running in the Scarborough North riding, says that fear played a major role in the public’s decision. Liberal Shaun Chen won the riding, Monday night, with 48 per cent of the votes. Conservative candidate Ravinder Malhi placed second with 27 per cent, followed by NDP candidate Rathika Sitsabaiesan with 22 per cent.

School builds futures for adult students

A half hour before students start lining up for their lunch at the City Adult Learning Centre, O’Shane Campbell starts grilling chicken. He flips them, then coats them with his favourite Caribbean spicy jerk sauce. While the chicken cooks, Campbell prepares dessert for his fellow students. He gets an adrenaline rush when he turns on the valve and allows gas to go through the flex-hoses and into the burner. Co-op teacher Anna Manuel is supervising. “Don’t forget. Do not be monochromatic. We don’t want our food or desserts to be dull. We want some colour,” Manuel said.