Athletes in and around London: Episode 1

LONDON, Ont. – Nikolai Bejenaru, a two-time Olympic gymnast joins Yannis Economopoulos of the Toronto Observer, for the first episode of Athletes in and around London, where we talk about Bejenaru’s gymnastics journey, his route…

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A little goes a long way

When Anisa made her way across the balance beam at the East York Gymnastics Club, her mother Tabassom Momtaheni was both ecstatic and proud. “It’s great for me,” Anisa’s mother said. “I never thought she was going to walk by herself.” What made this moment so remarkable was that Anisa, 6, had a brain tumour, which affected her balance and co-ordination, and made walking a nearly impossible task. But with a helping hand, Anisa was able to make her way across the beam. That helping hand belonged to Amanda Cyr.