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Never-ending Halloween

Halloween may have passed, but who says you can’t experience the horror all year around? Below is a countdown of four events you must go to and experience. 4. Haunted Walk — Toronto Whether it’s fall…

Ghost Stories Of Toronto

Toronto is known widely for its beautiful sights and great history, but many are unfamiliar with the city’s ghosts. When the lights go out on the streets of Toronto, some say that’s when ghosts and spirits begin to roam the pathways and buildings.

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Are you afraid of the dark?

Of all the scenarios that humans fear, the thought of losing one’s child is among the most terrifying.
This is something some horror novelists understand. At the International Festival of Authors recently, four acclaimed authors talked about their greatest fears — and how they use them to terrify readers.

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Too old to play dress up?

Costumes, creepiness and candy. When those are the words that pop up in conversation more than anything else, you know Halloween is just around the corner. As decorations get more intricate and costumes get flashier,…