Humber River

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City plan to investigate west-end basement flooding

One night in the summer of 2005, Darrell Bricker heard a strange sound coming from his basement. When he investigated, he discovered what he called as a “geyser” of water coming up from the floor. “I tried to stop it but I obviously couldn’t,” he said. “I went and bought a wet-dry shop vac. I spent the better part of the night vacuuming this water and dumping out the bucket.”

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Percariously placed rocks in Humber River perplex

The mystery of who is solved. The mystery of how, though, has onlookers scratching their heads. Since 39 rock sculptures were found in the Humber River near the Old Mill on the weekend, 48-year-old Toronto photographer Peter Riedel has been identified as the creator. What still has people puzzling is just how they stay standing so precariously “without glue.”