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One immigrant at a time, NDP candidate Nikki Clarke is determined to make the move to Canada easier

The cost to immigrate to Canada is yet another hurdle faced by immigrants who choose to come here on a student visa.
“The problem is, after you come here you have so many things that you face, especially related to money. I was a student [and] there are many students like me who are living here, paying excessive rent and paying excessive taxes,” she said.
It is a familiar story for the NDP’s Clarke, who told the audience she, too, was no exception.
“It took some time to acclimatize,” Clarke said. “We had to go through a process where my parents left respectable jobs in Jamaica to start from the bottom and work their way up [in Canada].”

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Liberals to bring record 305,000 newcomers to Canada

Canada’s new Liberal government is opening its doors to immigrants wider than ever before. The Liberals released the immigration plan on Tuesday and have outlined a target between 280,000 to 305,000 for new immigrants to Canada this year. The focus will shift to family reunification and refugee resettlement.