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Toronto police sergeant shares expertise in dealing with disaster

Eric Goodwin knows how to deal with disasters. In 2013, he served with the European Union Police in Kabul, Afghanistan, specializing in emergency management.

“I was responsible for teaching and putting together the first-ever course in incident command for the Afghan National Police,” Goodwin said. He explained that he led tabletop exercises focusing on the command and control of a site affected by natural or human induced disasters.

Storms battered City of Toronto to the tune of $171 million in 2013

The rain fell fast and hard, and left in its wake a waterlogged city with an hefty cleanup bill. Five months later, the city found itself under a blanket of ice. The two storms — which make up the bulk of the $171 million in storm-related costs the City of Toronto says it incurred in 2013 — have raised questions about how the city prepares for disasters.

Ontario’s most expensive natural disaster barely felt in Scarborough

Toronto’s record-breaking summer rainstorm — the most expensive natural disaster in Ontario history, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) — left Scarborough relatively unscathed. The insured cost of the July 8 storm was about $850 million in the GTA based on data the IBC received from Property Claims Services, an authority on insured property losses.