Jane Austen

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VIDEO: Jane Austen fans dance the night away

Creative costumes, dazzling dancing and mysterious masks. With no experience necessary, anyone is welcome to attend and learn the dances of the Jane Austen time period. Instructor Karen Millyard teaches a Jane Austen style dance rehearsal and performance at Toronto’s St. Barnabas Anglican Church. Observer TV’s Sandra Sukraj reports.

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Janeites gather to celebrate 200 years of the Austen lifestyle

Sometimes the men and women move in a line opposite each other. Other times they move in a circle, their hands barely touching in the centre like spokes on a wheel. There is music from the early 19th century. The caller, Karen Millyard, directs the men and women through their moves. “I approach the dance with a certain amount of historical context,” she said. “I’ve used a wide range of music and dances from the full repertoire which stretches over many of hundreds of years.”