165 Cosburn Ave.

New tenant bylaws may improve living in East York buildings

Effective July 1, 2017, landlords in Toronto are expected to register with the city for the units they rent out, and pay a $10.60 annual fee for each unit. Landlords are also subject to do cleaning, maintenance and implementing security protocols, and must regularly conduct pest inspections. The bylaws will affect over 3,500 buildings across the city.

1501 Woodbine Ave.

Residents of 1501 Woodbine Avenue have had enough

Robi Hamilton hasn’t been on her balcony for four months due to balcony construction. Only able to open her balcony door by four inches, the space equals about a tenth of her apartment rent at 1501 Woodbine Ave. Hamilton, who has not been compensated financially for the inconvenience, estimates a loss of approximately $360 to $400 since […]

Legion members use Remembrance service to recount personal stories

Janet Davis has discovered new importance in the annual Remembrance Day, in personal wartime correspondence she inherited.

“I found all the letters that my father and brother wrote to my mother during the war,” Davis said. “They talked about not being sure what was going to happen next.”

Talks ongoing, but strike deadline approaching

City of Toronto unionized inside and outside workers are on the verge of a strike.

This comes after a deadlock in negotiations between the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the City of Toronto. Tim Maguire, president of CUPE Local 79, offered an assessment of the talks.

“While there has been some progress in some areas, (but) we still remain far apart on the key issues,” he said. “There has been no movement on the issue of reversing stability for many of our frontline workers.”

Volunteers gives youth a chance to lace on the blades

When the children from Saint Brigid Catholic School line up in the hallway at the East York Arena, they can thank Angelo Moutoulas for the day’s winter class skating trip. “I love the community. I love being at the rink,” Moutoulas said. “Whenever you can do something positive, do it.” For several years now, Angelo Moutoulas and his son George, at The Real Edge Pro Shop, have volunteered their time and talent to Saint Brigid as skate-sharpeners.