Jim Karygiannis

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Canada Votes 2011: Tories challenging Liberal stronghold

Despite being a Liberal stronghold since the early 1990s, Scarborough is expected to be a battleground in the upcoming federal election. The winds of change rushed over the bluffs of Scarborough to bring in right-leaning Rob Ford last year as mayor of Toronto. It is this change, of course, the Conservatives are hoping to take advantage of come May 2.

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Karygiannis announces 8th run at Scarborough-Agincourt seat

The room quickly filled with excited volunteers ranging from teenagers to seniors. Some were seeing each other for the first time in months. They had gathered in Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis’s campaign office on March 30 to cheer him on as he officially launched his eighth run for the Scarborough-Agincourt seat in the May 2 federal election.