Juno Beach

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D-Day vet remembers the cycles of war

Allan Dick helped liberate France with two wheels and a rifle. “We had bicycles, airborne bicycles, but we didn’t use them,” he said. “We walked faster.” Dick, now 92, landed at Juno Beach on the Normandy coast on June 6, 1944. His regiment, Hamilton Light Infantry (HLI), operated as a reserve brigade during the invasion. Nevertheless, he was wounded in the leg on June 17, 1944 and sent back to England for treatment; he spent five days in hospital and then re-joined his regiment to finish the war. Unlike Dick, not all of his friends survived the war.

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Poppy volunteer remembers a father’s military service

This week, Joanne Barden stood at the entrance of the newly opened Target store on Danforth Avenue. She had a box of poppies slung around her neck. “Two young men… they took poppies and made a donation … and they told me they respected our veterans very much, and they respected the military, and I found that extremely rewarding,” Barden said.