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In dark hour for hospitality industry, some are opening new restaurants anyways

Dire predictions on the odds of restaurants surviving the winter continue to dominate the news as the pandemic drags on. Restaurants Canada estimates that since the start of the pandemic, 33,000 jobs in Toronto have been lost and full-service restaurants are experiencing as much as 80 per cent of sales losses due to the shutdown of indoor dining. And yet, despite the economic uncertainty and bad news, there are still restaurants popping up around Toronto.

Do the math: Pi Day and fresh pie a perfect equation

People from all over the city are flocking to Wanda’s Pie in the Sky today, not only for a piece of home-made pie but also to join in a mathematical celebration. It’s Pi Day, a 24-hour period dedicated to celebrating the mathematical constant, Pi.

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Graffiti, street art and the City of Toronto

In the last three years, St. Luke’s United Church on Sherbourne and Carlton streets has spent around $1,000 annually to remove graffiti. The church even needed to buy an $800 power-washer.  St. Luke’s would remove graffiti once every…

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Insects might be sushi of the future

At her street food outlet near Kensington Market, Cookie Martinez prepares empanadas each work day. There is chicken and beef for the empanadas.

But sometimes, in the bread part of the empanadas, she adds mealworm powder in the dough, cricket salt, and whole crickets in the filling.

Her customers can plainly see the torsos and heads of the crickets.

At Martinez’s outlet, Gustavo Holloway, 26, from Chile, held a whole cricket between his fingers. Holloway ordered “cricket snax,” a little box filled with insects.

“This is like the movie Lion King. Hakuna matata,” Holloway said.

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5 inexpensive eateries to visit in Toronto

With food prices having risen, it’s getting more expensive to feed yourself at home — so when you go out to dine, you may want to save on your food budget. Some local restaurateurs are responding by keeping their menus affordable.