Ice skaters at Nathan Phillips Square

Here we go again: City of Toronto 2017 budget

Don’t be surprised if you get a sense of déjà vu as the mayor and Toronto city council wrap up the budget for 2017, this week. City council finalized the budget during a meeting scheduled for Feb. 14-15. On the chopping block for budget reductions are popular public services such as library hours, childcare and the potential closing of a men’s shelter in North York for people addressing substance-abuse. They’ve all faced similar threatened cuts in previous years.

New Yorker says Toronto’s safe streets not result of police presence

Kaitlin Heller thinks Toronto streets are very safe, but not necessarily the result of an increased police presence. “I used to live in Harlem, New York, and there were shootings on my doorstep,” Kaitlin Heller said while sitting on a bench at Yonge-Dundas Square. “Toronto feels much safer.”

Scarborough consumers and restaurant owners uncertain about reason for shark fin ban

Scarborough Centre councillor Glenn de Baeremaeker proposed a ban on shark fins, which was approved by the Toronto Council late October. Scarborough Chinese restaurant consumers and staff gave their comments on the recent legislation.

City mulls ban of shark fin soup

Some consider it a delicacy, it can cost up to $200 a serving and, if some city councillors have their way, it may soon be banished from Toronto’s restaurants. The move to ban shark fin soup in the city is now in the hands of the municipal licensing and standards committee after a council meeting last week that pushed the issue ahead.

Despite differences, Wong-Tam excited to work with mayor-elect Ford

It was like Kristyn Wong-Tam and her supporters were riding roller coasters Monday night. Wong-Tam and her major competitor Ken Chan seesawed in the lead as the results came in for Ward 27. Sometimes the two contenders were separated by just one vote. And Wong-Tam’s supporters, gathered at Church Street’s Slack’s, gasped and hissed and […]

See-saw battle in Ward 27 all night long

Waiting for the outcome of the election in Ward 27, last night, proved to be a roller coaster ride for Kristyn Wong-Tam’s supporters. They were watching and waiting in front of TV monitors all evening long. The lead went back and forth for Wong-Tam and her major competitor Ken Chan. For a while the disparity […]