Summer’s gone, but lawn bowling’s not

Ken Wood realizes lawn bowling is competitive. But for him, it’s not about winning.

“I’m not athletic,” he said. “This is about as much athleticism as I’ll get.”

Summer may be gone, but the beautiful weather keeps beckoning East Yorkers to the Cosburn Lawn Bowling Club.

Speaking about consent

Staceyann Chin remembered how she was violated. “(He) pushes me against and wall and slides his hand all the way up in my dress. I’m so shocked that I can’t move my mouth to say anything,” recalled Chin, reciting from her memoir, The Other Side of Paradise. Because she was a child at the time, Chin said, her accusation was never taken seriously.

Valentine’s Day ‘very heterosexual,’ UTSC students say

A boy and a girl hold hands, about to kiss, tiny hearts flying in the background like sparks. We’re used to being bombarded by these images as early as mid-January. But what if you’re gay? Or lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual or queer? What do you make of these images then?

Campus tries to build safe environment for female students

He’s talented and charismatic, but Carlos Andrés Gómez has bad news for young people. “We call each other ‘Dawg.’ We say, ‘That cat better watch his step’ and ‘Look at that little chicken-head right there,’” Gómez said in one of his poems. On Dec. 1, students and faculty at Centennial College’s Ashtonbee campus in Scarborough […]