Liberal Party of Canada

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Green Party high on recent court ruling

Green Party candidates in Scarborough say they welcome a recent court ruling decriminalizing marijuana. Canada’s federal medical marijuana program is “unconstitutional” because it didn’t legally allow access to medicinal marijuana, an Ontario court ruled April 13.

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Trudeau campaigns in Scarborough for youth vote

If young people want a voice, they should join political parties and vote, star Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau said Monday while campaigning in Scarborough-Rouge River. Trudeau, son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, was at the Chinese Cultural Centre for a rally hosted by first-time candidate Rana Sarkar.

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Canada Votes 2011: Tories challenging Liberal stronghold

Despite being a Liberal stronghold since the early 1990s, Scarborough is expected to be a battleground in the upcoming federal election. The winds of change rushed over the bluffs of Scarborough to bring in right-leaning Rob Ford last year as mayor of Toronto. It is this change, of course, the Conservatives are hoping to take advantage of come May 2.