Michael Garron Hospital

Michael Garron Hospital

Michael Garron Hospital gets funding for going green

Michael Garron Hospital’s efforts to be eco-friendly have paid off.

Not only has the East York hospital’s focus on cutting down its use of electricity saved 419,000 kWh per year — the equivalent of taking 50 homes off the grid —  but it’s also led to a hefty cheque from Toronto Hydro.

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Hospital offers mental health care to stressed staff

It’s what an average day looks like when Laura Istanboulian goes to work.

“You could be assisting a patient who is suffering from delusions, and in the bed beside you another patient is dying,” she said. “You have phones ringing off the hook, and might not even have eaten lunch that day.”

Istanboulian works as a nurse practitioner in the Acute Respiratory Unit at Michael Garron (formerly Toronto East General) Hospital.