Mike Layton

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Chow boasts new endorsements

Four sitting councillors and three candidates announced their support for Olivia Chow Tuesday in a media event. The councillors, all hailing from Toronto’s west end, include Sarah Doucette (Ward 14, Parkdale-High Park), Mike Layton (Ward 19,…

Canvassing gets candidates up close to Toronto electorate

He has been knocking on doors for years. He knows his pitch very well by now. As he approaches one of the doorsteps at Roxton Road, in Little Italy, he gently knocks on a door and patiently waits for someone to open the door. “Hi there, I’m sorry to bother you,” he said. “My name is Mike Layton, I’m running to be your city councillor. I’m just coming by to say hello and see if there are any issues on your mind.”

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Early council reaction to Mayor Rob Ford’s casino letter

Rob Ford has officially reinforced his support of the proposed Toronto casino.

Mayor Ford released a letter Monday morning around the same time as the City Manager, Joe Pennachetti, released his report on a plan to allow the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to bring a casino to the city.

Ford has always been a tentative supporter of the plan, but in his public letter he re-affirms this, approving the idea.

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Toronto becomes ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal immigrants

Toronto city council passed a motion Wednesday Feb. 20, 2013 to extend essential city services to undocumented immigrants.

In a landslide vote, 37-3, council decided to allow immigrants whose visas have expired, or whose refugee status is denied, to access many city services.

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City building is often a noisy experience

Dust, diesel and traffic jams. For most Torontonians, say the word ‘construction’ and that’s what springs to mind. For the residents of one West End neighbourhood, it’s been a couple years of complaining and petitions,…