Mississauga Steelheads

Balanced Steelheads effort trumped by Rangers star power

Mike Petizian helped propel the Kitchener Rangers to a 4-3 shootout victory against his hometown Mississauga Steelheads in front of a sold out (COVID regulations) Kitchener crowd of 1,000 Friday night.

The OHL is slowly gearing back up after an 18 month absence, mirroring the Rangers overall sluggish performance in the game. Petizian, the diminutive fourth year forward wasted no time getting on the board twice in the first six minutes to help bring Kitchener to a 2-1 record in the preseason.

OHL 2017-18 Season Preview: Eastern Conference

This could be a difficult year at times for the Colts. Growing pains with all the young talent could cause for some long nights, but also some very fun games to watch. They should improve on their results last season. There’s nowhere to go but up this year.