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Toronto-Danforth candidates differ on alternative election formula

How Canadians actually choose their federal government got a full airing at Tuesday night’s all-candidates meeting in the Toronto-Danforth riding. Candidates contesting the riding offered their views about replacing the traditional “first-past-the-post” election with proportional representation. The latter would see percentage divisions in the electorate represented in the House of Commons.

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Toronto-Leaside Wildcats enjoying team spirit and international success

When Caitlin Heale taught her girl’s hockey teammates the haka, she didn’t think too much of it.

“It was just a thing that I taught that’s from my culture when we went to training camp,” she said.

Last summer, Heale choreographed the tribal war dance, famously performed by the national rugby team in her home country, New Zealand. She shared it with her teammates from the Toronto-Leaside Junior Wildcats. The haka is meant to intimidate an opponent. Heale was quite surprised, however, when her Canadian teammates took it as seriously as she did.