Ontario pandemic

Varsity members of the figure skating team and their coaches at the University of Toronto standing on the ice at the rink.

COVID-19 restrictions heavily affect current and future development, some athletes say

Bringing a pair of skates out of the locker, Keiko Marshall was rejuvenated to be back in the arena. Chuckling during the practice, her tensed emotions were relieved. Even underneath her mask, you could feel her excitement with her bright eyes. As a figure skater, she was not able to appear on the ice for a long time until the start of February.

Small business uprising: How a Muslim student became an entrepreneur during the COVID-19 pandemic by starting an online hijab business

An online hijab business that began during the pandemic has thrived due to the ongoing support from social media platforms. Azelefa Co. is designed for women to build confidence and feel empowered, this is achieved through creating comfortable, breathable, and innovative hijabs.