IMAX film inspires students to dream big

Pricilla Daniel sits in a large dining area at the Ontario Science Centre. She’s just had an unexpected movie experience.

“I thought we were just going to watch a movie,” she said, “but it was more than a movie. This was an experience.”

Shronak Datta saw the same movie. It explored an unusual aspect of engineering.

“Engineering is often too closely associated with economics,” he said. “The movie focused away from that and focused on how engineering is a method of problem solving in society. That really resonated with me.”

VIDEO: Robert Munsch sings ‘Love you forever’ to help Toronto ring in Family Literacy Day

On Sunday, January 26, Rubert Munsch and other leading authors celebrated Family Literacy Day at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. Hundreds of events are taking place across the country for its 16th annual celebration. Check out ABC Live literacy for more information.

Family Day in and around the City

Family Day in and around the City The third Monday of February marks Family Day. It’s observed as a statutory holiday in Ontario. What do you and your families have planned? Much of the province will be closed for business. Banks, schools, public libraries, shopping malls not designated as tourist attractions, liquor stores, most grocery […]

Award celebrates young scientists

Eighteen-year-old Eden Full won the award in 2009. While in her last year of high school in Calgary, Full developed her prize-winning project: a method for rotating solar panels. Full, now a student in mechanical engineering and African studies at Princeton University in the United States, put the $2,000 cash prize toward developing a prototype that she tested during field work in Kenya.

Whales and Maori culture on display

Visitors can get up close to these colossal marine mammals with the help of interactive audiovisual exhibits such as exploring a “whale lab;” learning about whale riders, marine biologists and whaling families; and walking right up to a full-scale sperm whale fossil. Kids can also climb into a life-sized model of a blue whale heart.