Toronto prays for Paris

Friday marked a very saddening day in Paris. After multiple terrorist attacks across the city, the world came together to #PrayforParis.
In Toronto, the CN Tower was lit in the colours of the French flag. People also gathered at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday afternoon to commemorate those killed and wounded in the assaults.

Paris resident sought to help after terrorist attacks hit close to home

Axelle Dumas spent an hour wandering the streets of Paris following the deadly terror attacks Friday. The 20-year-old student and Paris native lives on Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, just a few doors from where police engaged in gunfire with attackers earlier in the evening. “I thought I could help people,” Dumas said.

Parisian artisans keeping fashion old school

The waft of leather filled the air as Parisian artisans handcrafted coveted pieces before the eyes of countless salivating women and men. Fred Metrick, co-owner of home furnishing store Elte, and his wife Cécile Metrick, attended the Festival des Métiers hosted by Hermès at the Design Exchange on Oct. 4.