‘You don’t have to be a basketball player or a rapper or a drug dealer to take care of your family’: Jayscale

Jamal Burger, better known as Jayscale, is most famous for his captivating cityscape photographs from the tops of Toronto’s high rises. Now a few years removed from school and with his career flourishing, Burger plans to use his talents to uplift the next generation of young people, including those in the public housing complex where he grew up.

Eyes on EY

Throughout the summer, I’ve been photographing parts of the city and sharing on Instagram. As I upload my edited image on my smartphone, I began looking at the work of other photographers. I was amazed…

Scarborough man builds a sky-high Twitter following

Rob MacFarlane has been a crane operator for 20 years and a famous photographer for about three months. MacFarlane hadn’t actually thought much about photography before starting his job at the L-Tower. But when he saw Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s brilliant photographs from the International Space Station, it gave him an idea.